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Restoration Work

Restoration Work

We are experts in professional memorial cleaning and renovation. Our skilled staff can transform the appearance of old weathered stones to bring them back to their former beauty.

If you are looking for the best memorial restoration possible, our team are highly trained and passionate about what they do.

If you need the inscriptions and gold leaf to be brought up to scratch, our memorial restoration service is fully comprehensive and includes everything you need, including additional inscriptions. 

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Maintenance services offered:

The services we offer include:

  • Cleaning Re-lettering
  • Re-painting of letters
  • Re-gilding of letters
  • Re-cutting and lead filling of letters
  • Re-fixing to the current standard
  • New flower containers
  • Fresh seasonal flowers
  • New foundations
  • New glass or stone chippings
  • Additional wording
  • Altering and extending memorials

A.W. Lymn The Craftsmen in Stone has, over the years, worked closely with various organisations to provide individual memorials and statues.